Frequently Asked Questions

Can I amend my plan part-way through my contract?

On the Regular Plan, your initial selection is fixed for the duration of your 12 month contract and cannot be changed. Please contact us if you wish to upgrade your plan during the contract period. The Enterprise Plan provides your organisation with access to all country information. You are not able to switch from the Enterprise Plan to the Regular Plan part-way through your 12 month contract.

How frequently is the content updated on ARC360?

As frequently as we receive new information or there are updates to regulation. We clearly time stamp the date of update for every country included on the ARC360 platform. You can always rely on ARC360 having the latest information and if we happen to miss something; we can rely on our contributor community to point out anything that requires our attention. We fact check all suggested updates and if they are correct and useful to the wider community, we will add them to the ARC360 platform.

Which forms of payment can be used for an ARC360 subscription?

We use Stripe to process our payments, they accept most major credit cards. Enterprise plans can also request to be invoiced and pay by BACs or wire transfer.

How secure is ARC360?

ARC360 encrypts data with industry standards including SSL and makes sure it stays protected with 24x7 monitoring. We use 2-factor authentication to ensure your profile and access are secure.

How does the Enterprise plan differ from the Regular plan?

Enterprise offers unlimited central lab and sample site country access and 5 hours worth of SME support per month included. Learn more about Enterprise and request a demo for a complete overview of what it can offer by visiting our contact page and selecting the option to request a demo.

Who in my organisation is most likely to benefit from an ARC360 profile?

There are several functions within CDx and Pharma companies who will benefit from access to the ARC360 platform. This information is primarily aimed at those functions responsible for planning clinical trials with biomarker assays (Clinical Operation and Regulatory). However, Business Development functions within CDx sponsor organisations will also benefit by gaining an understanding of the resource required to meet the local IVD regulatory requirements and the associated costs for this activity.

How do I cancel my ARC360 Plan?

Your ARC360 contract is a recurring 12 month contract. Once you have signed up to ARC360 and selected your plan, you are unable to cancel the first year's contract. You may cancel at any time throughout the initial 12 month period to stop you incurring the cost of a new 12 month contract in year 2. We endeavour to ensure that you make an informed decision before signing up to ARC360, including online and live demos and pre-contract Q&A.

What do I do if I can't log into my ARC360 account?

Visit the contact page and select the option for Technical Support and include your contact details so we can identify you and talk you through unlocking or accessing your account.

What if my 2FA emails are not delivering?

Please reach out to the ARC360 team and they should be able to assist you with this query. Please also check your internal IT procedures to ensure that our emails have not been quarantined through your firewall settings.